Hascall Steel Company Caters to the Automotive Sector’s Demand for High-Strength Steel

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With light, fuel-efficient cars becoming the standard for auto manufacturing, the demand for hot-rolled steel sheets is bound to increase. Hascall Steel Company, with its vast inventory of steel coil products, is a ready supplier for car manufacturer

[GRANDVILLE, 2/12/2018]—Hascall Steel Company continues its 45-year streak providing quality steel products and services in the country. The company specializes in fabricating flat steel products, particularly hot rolled steel sheets. These are high-strength, low volume steel products currently in-demand among automotive manufacturers.


Lighter and Stronger Vehicles


A wider and stronger consciousness on climate change is causing various manufacturing industries to shift the focus of their production goals. They now face the challenge of modifying production processes and materials to integrate more sustainable and eco-friendly methods. Its impact on automobile manufacturing resulted in lighter yet tougher cars.


In 2016, the World Steel Association published that one way for the auto industry to become a sustainable industry is to reduce the weight of cars. This effectively reduces the amount of steel that manufacturers use, as well as the energy and resources expended to build these automobiles. Consumers and manufacturers benefit in the long run because light cars use less fuel and produce lower carbon emissions.


Hascall Steel Company, with its vast inventory and network of steel suppliers, is one of the country’s suppliers of hot-rolled steel sheets — one of the major components in manufacturing lighter and stronger vehicles.


Fabricating Hot-Rolled Steel Sheets for Automotive Uses


Hascall Steel Company produces two types of hot-rolled sheets: the raw and uncoated hot-rolled black (HR) and the hot-rolled pickled and oiled (HRPO). The former is ideal for underbody components while the latter is more appropriate for the exposed chassis because of its strength, impact resistance, and paint-friendly surface.


The Journal of Mechanical and Civil Engineering confirms these uses. Since the underbody and chassis make up roughly 25% of a vehicle’s weight, building them using a lighter material makes a big difference.


Besides HR and HRPO, Hascall Steel Company also supplies cold-rolled steel sheets (mainly for building auto bodies), aluminized steel (for exhaust gas systems), and other products in various widths, sizes, and tensile strengths.


About Hascall Steel Company


Hascall Steel Company is a steel service company that supplies all types of flat-rolled steel to manufacturers across the country. It also performs a variety of metal fabrication services using the latest technology for steel coil and sheet manipulation.


Learn more about the company’s steel services and inventory at www.hascallsteel.com.

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