Globaleadershiprogram4africa to Provide Fully Verified Opportunities for African Youths

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Globaleadershiprogram4africa is happy to announce its scholarship and mentorship programme as part of its commitment towards fostering global cooperation and development, with a special focus on Africa.

Globaleadershiprogram4africa is happy to announce its scholarship and mentorship programme as part of its commitment towards fostering global cooperation and development, with a special focus on Africa. This programme is intended to build human capital of fellow developing countries through higher education. It aims to build capacities of young Africans by sponsoring them to universities abroad and training them in key issue areas relevant to the national priorities of their respective countries. The vision is to promote global courses, programmes, curriculum, research and collaborations through reputed international faculty.


According to recent figures from the African Development Bank, there are 480 million youth on the continent today (a number is expected to grow to 850 million by 2050), with 10 – 13 million entering the job market every year and only 3 million are getting wage employment. Across Africa, young people are facing challenges finding decent employment and climbing out of poverty. With more than 65% of the population being under the age of 35, securing employability and self-employment for young people, achieved through innovative approaches, could be the best weapon to fight against poverty and the numerous associated challenges. Active participation of young people in shaping their future is pivotal to put in place policies and strategies with sustainable solutions. This arrangement will bridge the gap that exists between policies and young people’s interest.


Globaleadershiprogram4africa has been working hard behind the scenes for months. Lately, they have successfully provided fully verified, fully funded global opportunities to thousands of Africans. Globaleadershiprogram4africa is spread across the 54 countries of the continent and has been carefully vetting and signing up reputable global partners from the different continents where they operate in. Globaleadershiprogram4africa connects the present African generation to first-class, verified opportunities, including and not limited to fully funded opportunities notably scholarships, trainings, fellowships, grants, internships, funding, jobs and much more.


Globaleadershiprogram4africa has also lined up various sponsored practical soft skills training programs that are non-academic, bringing in real life people who are willing to share their experience of failure and success. The future of Africa is in the hands of the youths. Globaleadershiprogram4africa helps mentor youth, assist with drafting of CV, cover letter through their vast global resources, at a minimal cost.  Globaleadershiprogram4africa will ensure access to education for bright young leaders who have a personal commitment to changing the world around them and improving the lives of others. They will benefit from dynamic extra-curricular course elements including summer schools and internships. These will help them to develop their abilities and make a difference to their countries and communities when they return home.


Africa is experiencing huge youth population growth as economic and employment growth stagnates. Globaleadershiprogram4africa hopes to educate a new generation of African leaders who will create opportunities for others. They will facilitate comprehensive scholarships to academically gifted, yet economically disadvantaged African youths. Tuition will cover tuition, books, uniforms, and stipends for the entire duration of their education. The program places emphasis on leadership development, career guidance, networking, and mentoring to help these students succeed in school and beyond. Upon graduation, high-performing scholars are given financial support f and are selected for internships.


Globaleadershiprogram4africa will also organize conferences and seminars. The conference will allow young people to share their perspectives with key stakeholders on the opportunities and challenges they face but also, they will explore opportunities for job creation, entrepreneurship and self-reliance. This will enable them to be effective contributors to their communities and national development schemes, as well as to be competitive at global level.


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