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ExistBI works with clients to support their IT processes and business solutions. Our subject matter experts produce measures to build a strong bond between two different worlds: Business and Technology.

In today’s modern world, business intelligence is of ultimate importance as data in business performs take center stage. BI will stand in the key of all this and will direct future marketing strategies and business decisions. After all, it is proven that companies using analytics are 5x more perspective to make quicker business decisions.

As an information Warehouse engineer with five years of employment expertise, I will simply say that Business Intelligence deposit could be an excellent field of info Technology business. Its gift yet as future is incredibly bright.

Today we glance at BI’s prospects and why it'll be central to all or any major business deciding in 2018 and beyond:

1. Huge Demand for BI analyst

2. Easier analysis of past knowledge

3. Business Intelligence is going to be a cooperative effort

4. Turning data into actionable insights

5. Trusted data throughout information supply chain

Most info directors (DBAs) have encountered some variety of business intelligence (BI) whereas managing their organization’s knowledge and Microsoft SQL Server implementation. Several alternative IT professionals, United Nations agency do not have DBA responsibilities, have seemingly detected of BI, however, do not have primary expertise with it or very even apprehend what it's. Once you perceive what BI technologies will very do and see however BI solutions square measure made on the Microsoft BI platform, you will discover why BI is not just for DBAs. If you are savvy regarding BI, you will be in an exceedingly higher position to support your organization's BI initiatives once they return up (and they will) and you will conjointly notice however you'll use BI to trace and analyze knowledge relevant to your role, creating your job easier and deepening your understanding of that knowledge.


The future of the BI would bring totally different tools and platforms along. Nowadays individual BI is that the norm, tomorrow it'll be cooperative. Shared and immersive analytical experiences would increase in nice proportion. The shape issue of the devices also will step by step shift from little to massive. This may facilitate a bunch of knowledge scientists explore data in real time basis.

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