Freddie And Sebbie Makes Christmas Stock Pledge Following Black Friday Sell-out

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With nearly 2 weeks to go till Christmas, Freddie and Sebbie has recently announced that their stock levels would be back to normal during the week before Christmas, guaranteeing delivery for the 25th.

16, December 2014: Black Friday and Cyber Monday were responsible for Freddie and Sebbie encountering low stock issues, according to business spokesperson, Neil Speight, who stated... "First of all, I need to say sorry to anyone who has actually been unable to buy any of our products over the last 7 days. We simply weren't ready for such amazing sales over the Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend. We didn't even change our prices for the special offer days, however I think our conventional discount rates still made the prices of all our items still appear attractive to possible bargain hunters."

Freddie and Sebbie™

With less than 3 weeks to Christmas, a number of firms seen on Amazon have reported comparable stock shortages after successful Black Friday and Cyber Monday online sales. Neil described that for most of online shops, it's simply not a case of filling up empty shelves after a good day of sales, saying... "Shipping time plays a major function in an ideal stock level equation, with most products needing to be delivered from China, which will typically take 60 days for the United States. Therefore, if you have a few unexpected mega sales days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, companies taken by surprise will quickly run into a low stock scenario, which is not good news at this time of year, with expected Christmas sales just 2 weeks away."

The Freddie and Sebbie representative explained that they had actually predicted the possibility of selling out of a few of their products over the Black Friday weekend, however with the launch of their new item called the front seat vehicle storage organizer on Amazon any day now, the firm had had the ability to purchase all of their other accessories to be added in the very same shipment. He included: "Any items currently out of stock will arrive in time for Christmas shoppers, so you could say just in the nick of time."

Amazon has also responded to an expected Christmas rush, by installing over 15,000 robots throughout the USA, which guarantees to decrease operating expenses by 20 % along with shipping gifts at a faster rate. The Amazon robots help to move products from stockroom racks to packing desk, and after that on to the shipping desk. Amazon hopes that these robots will help to prevent them the shame of last year's Christmas season, when they reported a surge of stocking fillers overwhelming the shipping business United Parcel Service (UPS,) who were responsible for the late arrival of Christmas presents all over the world. Amazon are hoping that their robots will prevent the company from having a huge financial loss over shipping refunds and $20 payment gift cards, which they needed to provide to customers last year.

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