Formula Motorsports Helps Porsche Owners Maintain Their Porsche's Suspension

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To maintain the high-performance and high-quality of Porsche vehicles, owners are encouraged to visit Formula Motorsports, one of the first Bosch certified Porsche service locations in the country.

[Long Island City, 04/13/2018] Because of the intricacies of the suspension system of a Porsche, it’s best for Porsche owners to bring their cars to a licensed Porsche service center.


Formula Motorsports, one of the first Bosch certified Porsche service locations in the United States, specializes in repairing and maintaining Porsche vehicles using the strict standards and processes of Porsche.


Why the Porsche Suspension Is Special


The Porsche suspension is special in a number of ways, depending on the model. For the 911, an independent suspension system allows wheels to move vertically in order to give a smoother ride. The original Porsche 901 used a MacPherson Strut manufactured by Boge, and a lower wishbone suspension system as compared to its predecessor, the 356.


Modern Porsches, such as the Panamera, employ an air suspension system that uses electric or engine-driven compressors. The Panamera, however, differs from other air suspension systems by giving drivers the option to modify certain aspects of the suspension system, such as the spring rate or damping. This feature is available in the sport/track modes of the Panamera.


Formula Motorsports: The Porsche Specialists


As one of the few Bosch certified Porsche service centers in the United States, Formula Motorsports is the optimum choice for any Porsche owner looking to repair or maintain their Porsche vehicle’s suspension system.


To stay true to the Porsche spirit of high-quality performance, Formula Motorsport uses only original Porsche parts straight from the factory. Along with the components they use, Formula Motorsports also trains their technicians to use Porsche-approved techniques and processes to maintain authenticity and the high standards of Porsche owners.


About Formula Motorsports


Formula Motorsports was one of the first Porsche-exclusive centers in the United States and has been providing American Porsche owners with high-quality service since 1966. Their service center in Long Island boasts 16 dedicated work bays, a 3-stall engine room, and a Celette Frame center.


To know more about their products and services, visit their website:

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