Form Direct Presents an Eco-Friendly Alternative to Traditional Void Formers with CUPOLEX®

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To help reduce the environmental impact of construction projects, Form Direct in Australia offers CUPOLEX®, a structural dome made of recyclable materials that enhances concrete protection against moisture damage.

[SVENSSON HEIGHTS, 14/03/2018] - Form Direct, a leading supplier to the concrete building industry in Australia, provides a cutting-edge, eco-friendly alternative to traditional Void Formers with CUPOLEX®. The product reduces carbon footprint and climate change emissions of construction operations while protecting concrete structures from moisture damage.

Reduced Carbon Footprint with Eco-Friendly Construction

Made from 100% recyclable materials, CUPOLEX® offers an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional Void Formers. The CUPOLEX® structural dome is made entirely of recycled polypropylene, a non-toxic low-density product made of carbon and hydrogen.

CUPOLEX® does not contain any heavy metals or plasticisers. Since it is made of polypropylene, the production waste can be recycled and repurposed into another product.

According to the finding of a case study conducted by the CUPOLEX company, using CUPOLEX® structural domes reduced the carbon footprint of construction operations.

Researchers concluded that the use of CUPOLEX® in residential or light commercial construction projects can reduce the level of climate change emissions by 20 percent compared to using traditional Void Formers. This percentage is equivalent to four to nine tonnes of carbon dioxide per building.

Enhancing Concrete Strength Through Moisture Protection

Apart from its reduced environmental impact, the CUPOLEX® structural dome also strengthens concrete due to its moisture mitigation. It interconnects and creates a durable and permanent concrete structure.

The structural dome also minimises the concrete's contact with soil by forming a capillary wall against moisture. This feature makes CUPOLEX® ideal for construction projects that require water and moisture retention.

About Form Direct

As a leading supplier of concrete construction essentials, Form Direct has built a strong reputation for upholding product quality and working closely with concreters, builders and project managers across Australia. The company’s deep understanding of industry needs has enabled them to deliver construction solutions tailored according to client requirements.

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