Form Direct Offers Concrete Repair Products for Different Types of Damage

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Concrete is susceptible to damage caused by various factors. Form Direct offers a wide range of concrete repair products that address specific types of concrete problems like moisture and chemical damage.

[BUNDABERG, 05/06/2018] Form Direct, a specialist in the concrete building industry, offers a range of concrete repair products, each addressing a specific type of concrete damage. The catalogue includes protection from moisture and chemical damage.


Types and Causes of Concrete Deterioration


Concrete can deteriorate for a variety of reasons, and the problems can be both the cause of natural processes or improper concrete application.


Of the natural processes, the most common cause of concrete damage is carbonation. This process takes place when the hydroxide content of concrete reacts with the carbon dioxide in the air and produces calcium carbonate.


Calcium carbonate is a by-product that reduces concrete's pH and increases its porosity and brittleness. Carbonation is generally a slow process, but the damage can be detrimental to structures that are susceptible to rainfall and blocked from sunlight.


Sulfate attacks are some of the common culprits of damage among a long list of chemicals harmful to concrete. Sulfate occurs naturally in the environment and attacks concrete by reducing its cohesion and strength.


Solving Concrete Damage with the Right Products


Form Direct offers a wide range of concrete floor repair products that address specific types of concrete problems.


For battling moisture and carbonation, Form Direct offers the Calcure B sealant that reduces moisture loss without affecting subsequent concrete layers. For hydraulic structures like tunnels and water tanks, the Vandex Plug is a fast-setting cement-based mortar that prevents leakage and moisture damage.


Form Direct also has the Vandex BB75-Z, which is a cement-based waterproofing barrier that contains high resistance to sulphates. It is suitable for heavy-duty concrete requirements that are susceptible to water pressure issues.


About Form Direct


As a trusted company in Australia's concrete building industry, Form Direct supplies a comprehensive range of products and equipment that meet the specific needs of concrete builders and project managers. The company sources its products from leading brands to ensure clients that they are receiving high-quality solutions and professional customer service.


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