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Fintech Web News is the latest offering in the financial technology arena. It keeps you up-to-date with the latest developments in the world of fintech companies.

With additional analysis and commentary, Fintech Web News is set to become a go-to website for anyone who wants to keep on top of industry news. Algomi is a name that will already be familiar to many in the Fintech Web News community. They have had a stunning rise in the world of fintech and last year were named one of Europe’s 50 high growth companies. Let’s look at how they got there and how this has led to the birth of Fintech Web News.

The Beginning

A collection of established industry executives and technological wizards launched Algomi in 2012. This included Stu Taylor, Usman Khan, Robert Howes and Michael Schmidt. Between them, they brought many years of experience working with companies such as UBS and Deutsche Bank to the table. They also demonstrated a proven track record of the practical application of ambitious computer software to drive innovative movement within established systems.


Investment and development in the early years meant that Algomi were awarded the ‘Technology Trading Product of the Year’ at the 2014 Risk Magazine Awards. This recognition added to their already soaring momentum. It was swiftly followed by the opening of US offices in early 2015.

Connecting with Buy-Side Firms

Algomi continued to pursue their connections in the world and celebrated their 100th buy-side firm sign on to their Honeycomb network in June 2015. Honeycomb is the name of the software Algomi offered to help generate liquidity in the market by highlighting trade opportunities. The more buy-side firms, the greater the density of information and possibilities. That number stands today at 140 firms.

Fintech Web News – A Continuing Trend

Fintech Web News will keep up up to dates of Fintechs such as Algomi and their presence in the marketplace. They provide information and make connections in order to create a more diverse playing field for traders. Fintech Web News offers in depth of knowledge that supports the raw data crunching and leads to savvy connections.

Being informed leads to success and Fintech Web News is here to help make that happen.

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