Filipino Throveler Launches Its Website For Travel, Food, and Party Lovers To See!

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Jethro and the Filipino Throveler aim not only to share fun-filled outdoor experiences, but to provide insightful reviews as well.

Filipino Throveler (, an online resource for comprehensive travel, food, and nightlife reviews, proudly brings everyone its newly established website. Developed and designed by Jethro Garcia, a Filipino review blogger, the website aims to keep travel aficionados, food buffs, and party animals abreast of the latest trends and information about their favorite spots and activities.


Going to cozy restaurants, traveling to various tourist sites, and dancing the night way in clubs are some of the best things to do to end the week with a bang. Jethro Garcia, the man behind Filipino Throveler, couldn’t agree more because he is a lover of all things related to traveling, food, and partying. This is among the several reasons why he decided to put up his own travel blog Philippines based. Jethro and the Filipino Throveler aim not only to share fun-filled outdoor experiences, but to provide insightful reviews as well. These reviews serve as guides for people to easily decide the next dining place, travel destination or cocktail bar to visit.


For many foodies, great food, service, and ambience are the things that make dining places remarkable. By providing in-depth reviews on bistros, cafes, and restaurants, Filipino Throveler will help people choose the next best dining place to visit. Jethro will inform readers of everything they need to know from the prices of the offerings, the quality of service, to the feel and look of the area.


Picking a stunning tourist spot can be as difficult as finding the best restaurant in the city, especially without using any guide. But this task can be much easier by reading travel reviews. Such kind of reviews, which can be also seen at Filipino Throveler, provide valuable details about places like resorts and hotels which are common to travelers. The best thing is, these travel reviews give valuable insights on various destinations, letting people know why these places are worth visiting.


Aside from traveling and eating out, going to pubs is another way to spice up one’s weekend. Jethro is completely aware of this fact that’s why he hasn’t forgotten to offer nightlife reviews to all party animals out there. Through his very own review blog, he features some of the best, famous or undiscovered night out places in Manila. Also, to help everyone make the most of their nightlife, other informative content focused on cocktail bars, high-end clubs, and other party places are also available on site.


Filipino Throveler, one of the Filipino bloggers, has a lot more to offer to those who need access to well-written reviews about tourist sites, dining places, and nightlife establishments. For more information about this review blog, just log on to


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Filipino Throveler is the only review blog that you should go to if you want to become well-guided in making the most of your traveling, food trips, and night outs. This blog, owned and managed by Jethro Garcia, brings you the freshest and the most honest reviews on a regular basis. See them for yourself by heading over to, today! Should you have written comments or suggestions, you can send an email via

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