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MS Webb, a bailiff company, based in Croydon, London, offers a range of efficient property clearance services. They cater to the needs of property owners and of commercial or residential properties.

[Croydon, 08/31/2017] – MS Webb, a bailiff company, based in Croydon, London, offers a range of efficient property clearance services. They cater to the needs of property owners, including commercial and residential areas.

Bailiff clearance services removes fly tipping, abandoned vehicles and other items left behind by travellers, squatters or evicted tenants. MS Webb can clear the premises safely and efficiently, and assist in the selling or auction of items that still have value.

MS Webb offers different types of clearance services – Fly tip removal, abandoned stock removal, abandoned vehicle removal and auctioneer services.

Fly Tip Removal

Fly tipping is the illegal dumping of waste and rubbish on private property. MS Webb can remove unwanted waste on the property, clean up the site, and secure the area. They also report to the local authorities and take steps to prevent future fly tipping.

Abandoned Stock Removal

Abandoned stock and rubbish are items left behind by former tenants of a property. MS Webb can remove any abandoned stock on a property on the client’s behalf. They handle all aspects of the process, from servicing notices to the original owners, to issuing paperwork for the transfer of ownership.

The company also sell items through public auction and dispose of any items that no longer have value.

Abandoned Vehicle Removal

MS Webb bailiffs can remove any abandoned vehicles on their client’s property, whether they were illegally parked in the area, or left by a previous tenant. MS Webb will serve notices to the original owner, conduct vehicle searches, enquire with the local police, and complete tax and Ministry of Transport test (MOT) investigations.

Auctioneer Services

All items seized on a client’s property that falls into their ownership may be auctioned off. MS Webb handles the entire auctioneering process.

MS Webb’s clearance services are available 24 hours a day. The bailiff company pride themselves on their quick response times.

About MS Webb

MS Webb is a friendly, family owned bailiff company in Croydon, London. The company has over 25 years of experience in the field, provides professional enforcement services backed by an extensive intelligence network.

For more information, visit http://mswebb.co.uk.

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