EZ-Probate Preserves Family Heirlooms Through Online Probate Process

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The company provides ready-to-file court petitions and documents, assisting clients with probating an estate and saving their family heirlooms in the process.

[WILLISTON, 10/12/2017] – EZ-Probate helps clients who wish to preserve family heirlooms by developing and refining an online probate process with little or no need for an attorney. The company provides ready-to-file court petitions and documents to reduce issues related to probating an estate.


EZ-Probate remarks, “Our goal is to provide you with the best resources and instruction so you can file probate court documents on your own. If and when you need actual legal advice, you can pay specifically for the advice, not filling out court forms.”


A Better Probate Process


Only assets subject to a decedent’s will, the service provider explains, is subject to probate. EZ-Probate further clarifies, “Assets that are subject to a contract, or statute (law) will not pass through probate.


Probate assets include personal property, or the contents of a home, as well as art and collectibles. Cars in a single name, coins, and the contents of a safety deposit box are also subject to probate.


With EZ-Probate, clients no longer have to worry about processing a family heirloom and spending on attorney’s fees. The company cites situations in which individuals may need to obtain legal help. A couple instances include transferring legal ownership of assets and paying for estate expenses wherein the debts amount to more than the assets.


The EZ-Probate Difference


EZ-Probate provides a risk-free trial, which begins with the client choosing the deceased’s state of residence. Clients can create an account for their probate petition on the company’s website. The online application also comes with a step-by-step instruction.


The company remarks, “Our free trial will allow you to petition the court to open the estate so the estate directly pays for our services.”


Clients without a death certificate and copy of the will need to answer the EZ-Probate questionnaire.


EZ-Probate does not sell, loan, lease, rent and release all personal information to third parties.


The company says, “Any customer information obtained by EZ-Probate is used strictly to process and send orders, send company information and send promotional information to our customers.”


About EZ-Probate


EZ-Probate continues to refine and develop its probate process to assist clients who wish to probate an estate or heirloom. The company help to save time and money by providing a stress-free probate process.


Visit https://ez-probate.com/ for more details.

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