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Dubai cybersecurity firm hopes to hire dozens more Emirates citizens in 2017 after attack on Saudia Arabia.

In its efforts to virtually arm Dubai as the world’s most protected cyber city, the Dubai Electronic Security Centre is hoping to grow its local based labor by as much as fifty % in 2017.

The cybersecurity, with its multi million-dollar budget, screens and investigates prospective digital scenarios that could affect govern mental bodies. In order to achieve its goal, the fairly recently established firm is seeking to employ up to 30 new Emirati citizens to join its workforce which currently employs approximately 60 people.

“DESC currently only employs United Arab Emirates citizens and is a strong advocate of relying on the national resource of local labour and wants to continue to support the employment of Emirati citizens,” said Sigmund Wallace at China based INTO Investment Partners

As cybersecurity trepidations escalate in the area, Dubai has been extra vigilant. DESC has been concentrating on guaranteeing the safekeeping of energy and transport sectors, especially in the wake of the "Shamoon 2" digital virus that besieged government bodies and firms in Saudi Arabia. According to DESC, Dubai has avoided any reported incidents of the virus.

According to sources close to the matter, several Dubai govern mental departments confronted email phishing efforts, and other minor events in the last half a year.

Dubai Electronic Security Centre has only recently begun to pursue a public attention by means of subsidizing summits and partaking in career conferences. They are seeking to employ individuals with experience in forensics coupled with cyber security and do not have a preference for male or females. Woman make up just over a third of their existing workforce.

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