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Southern Leisure Spas is a company providing equipment for spa rooms, that ensure a good functioning of each and every spa in the world.

26th January 2018 – Southern Leisure Spas proposes to you a really innovative item that will eliminate all your headache and will serve you as a relax machine. Meet the Bullfrog Spa Replacement filter, that is also known as the saver and which will be helpful for you in any case. If you have a spa in your possession, or own a spa salon, then it is the right replacement for you of the previous products, who have definitely a lot of bugs and cons.

The website of Southern Leisure Spas is a very pretty, clean web page, that proposes to you a lot of products available in their store. It is actually an online shop that includes all the variety of tubs, filters and other spa-like products. You are able to filter your preferences on the navigation bar menu. Searching for the right product, you can just fill the name in the search engine tool. One last feature of the website, it is very clean, so you can be sure that you will see the total price instantly when you access the product page.

The Original OEM Bullfrog Spa Replacement filter for A series, R series, and X series are made from the models of years 2013-2017. This Bullfrog Spa Filter will work with 2017 models on some particular conditions. Firstly, the core should be removed. The second point, the filter should be threaded directly into the filter housing. For other Bullfrog Spas year models ranging of years 2003-2012, the shorter thread version is required indeed. If you have not understood anything, then you are free to call the number presented below and ask for the necessary information. One further thing to point out, there is another product that could interest you, and it is the hot tub dallas. If you need a hot tub store and you are not even a specialist in this field, then the actual Southern Leisure Spas will definitely help you in this question.

About Southern Leisure Spas:
Southern Leisure Spas is a company providing equipment for spa rooms, that ensure a good functioning of each and every spa in the world. For every year of production, they are able to pick you the right model of tube, store or filter, so that your spa works well. Do not hesitate to select the Southern Leisure Spas services for your needs.

Company Name: Southern Leisure Spas
Address: Southern Leisure Spas & Patio, 1175 Justin Rd, Flower Mound, TX 75028
Phone: (972) 317-1011

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