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These days, canvas prints artwork has gained a lot of popularity and is definitely a very good way of decorating your office or home.

These days, canvas prints artwork has gained a lot of popularity and is definitely a very good way of decorating your office or home. With stretched canvas prints, an art gallery-like effect is created, thereby offering a good viewing pleasure. Nowadays, there is a wide range of options to choose from, and hence, sometimes it becomes challenging and overwhelming to know how to best decorate the walls. Given below are the top 5 tips for decorating walls with canvas artwork and with these tips, you can definitely choose perfect prints that add great aesthetic value.

  1. Complement the mood of the room

Understanding the attributes of the room is very essential while choosing canvas prints. Ask yourself the purpose; whether it is for entertaining the guests or whether the room has to be kept private? Is the room tall, narrow or large? These clues will definitely assist in determining the kind of canvas art that would perfect complement the scale or color of the room.

  1. Understanding the psychology between vibrant and neutral colors

Vibrant colors add to action and excitement of the room, while neutral colors are very calming. If it is a fast paced commercial space, blue color is good. However, if it is an art studio or children’s room, lively yellow is a good option. However, for a doctor’s office, mellow and beige colors are just perfect.

  1. Landscape art is a good option for small spaces

In order to make small spaces visually appealing, landscape canvas art is a good option. The view of vanishing images or horizon act like a ‘window’. This makes the room appear very large and feel more comfortable.

  1. The size of prints must depend on the size of the wall

Choose large canvas prints for large walls and smaller ones for narrow walls. Large prints on small walls make rooms appear smaller. On the other hand, small canvas prints on large walls make rooms feel empty and disproportionate. One way of testing an apt print size is using painter tap on wall for indicating the print wall boundaries. Another technique is attaching poster board or paper on the wall, which is of the size of the print. This would give an idea about the positioning.


  1. Pair it as per your furniture

The size and theme of canvas prints must depend on the type of furniture you have. Make sure that the width of the furniture and print size is the same. Moreover, the genre of the print would be based on the furnishings of the room such as traditional, formal, casual or modern. For example, the nature art and flower prints are good for casual rooms. On the other hand, grunge prints or abstract art perfectly goes with cuisine prints, wine art or modern furniture.


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