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Danisa Cookies as the name suggests is an absolutely delicious cookie which originate from Denmark


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                                                                 DANISA COOKIES

Danisa Cookies as the name suggests is an absolutely delicious cookie which originate from Denmark and were originally introduced by a brand called the Royal Dansk around 1966.Crispy texture butter cookies to be considered as another form of crunchy cakes. Popularly referred to as sables & brysslkex , these Danish Biscuits were previously served usually for nobles on special days, in many European countries as well as parts of North America.

There is nobody on earth who is not an admirer of treats and here you will have the capacity to discover the best and too fresh, crunchy margarine treats. The Danisa Butter Cookies will bring out bliss and richness in many lives since they have the best Cookies with incredible taste. There are no fake flavors included and these treats are thought to be the best dependably and the interest for these cookies is expanding as time consistently passes. There are many individuals who are welcoming their dear ones with these cookie boxes. These are totally rich in taste and additionally, they are made of the best margarine and wheat flour and sugar.

Danisa Cookies are made from wheat flour, butter and sugar. Yeast and flavorings are not added, but only chocolate and vanilla. They are often prepared in a variety of shapes like squares, oval, cubic, flat, round and circular.

Their timeless Butter Cookies Recipe, unmatched skills and consistency have made Danisa Butter Cookies one the most coveted treats in the world. It starts with timeless recipes, topnotch ingredients and the passion for perfection achieved through keen attention to details. The production starts with choosing the highest quality butter and milk. Next every natural ingredient is accurately measured against stringent standards. The flavor and richness of the dough thus prepared is carefully checked by their master baker

The original packaging  had that authentic old school look and were packed and delivered in a recognisable tin showing the old Danish farmhouse named “Hjemstavnsgaard” from the island of Funen in Denmark. In reality the tin is utilized to store the freshness and the crunchiness of the treats well. Not just that this tin gives you to resalable and reusable the treats for sometime later. For this particular shading it is otherwise called the blue tin. This blue tin and the blue bundling give you the affirmation of its high caliber.

About Danisa Cookies

Danisa is overseen by Danish Specialty Foods Aps enlisted in the Danish capital Copenhagen. Danish Specialty Foods Aps is quick to keep up the consistency of utilizing the genuine Danish formula for the generation of the treats. At exhibit, Danisa is ceaselessly enchanting the selective palates of customers on a worldwide premise and is considered as an image of respect, festivity and extravagance.

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