Criminologist Elvis Slaughter Presents Preschool to Prison

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Chicago, IL (November 21, 2017): Elvis Slaughter, MSCJ, has released his new book Preschool to Prison, which offers excellent answers to questions and issues relating to risk factors and problem behavior in children and teenagers and effective handling of such situations.

About the Book

In this seminal work, Preschool to Prison, crime expert Elvis Slaughter aims at the genesis of crime in modern society. Having lived with career criminals during his experience at one of the largest penal systems in the nation, Slaughter raises a thought-provoking question: Is the journey to prison determined by the school, environment, or parent?

Contrary to popular belief, acting out is not the only cause for concern. Countless factors come together to create a criminal. Some factors are controllable, whereas others are not. Preschool to Prison explains factors leading children, teenagers, and adults to crime and offers research-based solutions that help deal with criminal behaviors.

Written in an engaging tone, Slaughter aspires to help develop responsive solutions for society, where everyone, including parents, school administrators, and community members collaborate to raise responsible children. The best and most effective time to stop the cradle-to-prison pipeline is as close to the beginning of the pipeline as possible, based on the growing body of research.


Delinquent prevention efforts seek to redirect youth who are considered at-risk for delinquency or who committed a delinquent offense from deeper involvement in the juvenile justice system. As the saying goes, “It takes a village to raise a child.” The implication is to create enabling elements that influence the decision-making process during the various stages of a person’s development.

Preschool to Prison in paperback format (ISBN: 9780996593281, 194 pp., $18.95), and available at


About the Author

Elvis Slaughter, MSCJ, is an educator, author, consultant, publisher, retired sheriff’s superintendent, fire and police commissioner, and criminologist. He has written and published books and articles since 2005, including Safer Jail and Prison Matters: Effective Ways To Manage and Reduce Violence in Correctional Facilities.

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