Conduct Air Conditioning Reduces Electric Bill Hike with Centralised AC Units

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In 2017, it was noted that Australia has some of the highest electricity bills across the globe. The following year, households are paying over $1,600 annually. To reduce electricity bills, Conduct Air Conditioning offers energy-efficient AC units.

[Yagoona, 14/13/2018] In January 2018, consumer review authority Canstar Blue revealed that the average annual electricity bill across New South Wales is $1,667. Homeowners in their 40s had the highest average electric bills at $1,911.76. In such case, homeowners can benefit from Conduct Air Conditioning's centralised air conditioning units.


In Victoria, however, bill-payers in their 30s paid the highest electric bills. The state of Victoria has an average annual electricity bill of $1,671. Homeowners in Queensland paid an annual average electricity bill of $1,687 with homeowners in their 30s paying the highest bills.


Australians Cut Down on Electricity Use


Electricity bills across the country rose by 20 per cent in 2017, which made Australian electricity bills the highest in the world.


The price hike has led homeowners to cut down on using electric appliances, specifically their air conditioning (AC) units. In a separate Canstar Blue review, seven out of ten of their respondents believe that their AC units contribute the most to their electricity bills. An average AC unit costs around $0.25 to $0.35 per hour for cooling a small room. For large areas of around 50 square metres, an AC unit runs between $0.70 and $0.95 per hour.


Energy-Efficient Centralised AC Units


Conduct Air Conditioning, a leading supplier of high-quality AC units, offers centralised air conditioning systems that reduce electricity bills. According to the company, centralised AC units allow uniform temperature control in all areas of the home.


Centralised AC units also provide savings returns for at least a decade as they last for 15 to 20 years. They provide comfortable sleep and productivity due to their quiet operation.


For clients who want to know which model and unit to purchase, Conduct Air Conditioning has expert technicians and staff who can provide valuable advice according to their clients' specific needs.


About Conduct Air Conditioning


As a trusted local air conditioning contractor in Sydney, Conduct Air Conditioning provides high-quality and affordable air conditioning systems. The company has been providing air conditioning solutions for both homes and businesses for more than 30 years. They source their stock directly from the manufacturers, which allows them to offer the most affordable price.


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