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Today, although bitcoin is one of the most popular cryptocurrency, there are others that offer different benefits, such as Ethereum, Litecone, electroneum and some others.

When you look at the end of the month at your paycheck, you will notice that a big chunk of that money is taken by the government as taxes. Furthermore, the government, together with central banks and big private financial institutions control the currency, its value and how it is distributed. Today, the largest private and investment banks are owned by one of the most powerful families in the world, and there are many conspiracies that state these families control the world by controlling the money. Maybe that is why a programmer from Japan has created the first cryptocurrency that is independent and cannot be controlled by anyone. It was termed bitcoin. Today, although bitcoin is one of the most popular cryptocurrency, there are others that offer different benefits, such as Ethereum, Litecone, electroneum and some others.

Like any other currency, cryptocurrencies are kept in a wallet, which is digital. You may store it on the net, however, it is recommended to copy it on a physical device that not always connected to the net, so that you are not going to be susceptible to hackers. Matthew David, the author of the best seller ALLOW, a book that tells the readers how they can overcome the psychological barriers that do not allow them to get rich and happy, has some experience with cryptocurrency and bitcoin fork.

In one of his latest videos that he has uploaded on his YouTube channel, Matthew David speaks about a ETHconnect review. First, you must know that Estonia, a country in Europe in which the government has put the goal to digitize all the citizens, allows even foreigners to create a e-citizen card, without even going to the country. You can do this online. With this ecard, you will be able to form various local businesses, and if you have money, especially cryptocurrency, you can transfer them to these businesses. Then, you will be able to access this money with the ETHconnect and the ecard. A great advantage of all this is that Estonia has different tax policies, and from Matthew David perspective, these policies are much more convenient than the American’s ones. In the same video he makes a bitconnect review and tells you how you can make money using bitcoin or other currencies. If you want to get in the rush of bitcoin gold, go to Matthew David YouTube channel, and watch his videos. 

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