Certified Automotive Uses Computer Diagnostics to Find the Most Practical Solutions

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Certified Automotive’s computer diagnostics aids repair services for modern cars that rely on the electronic control unit (ECU) to deliver functions, monitor sensors, and optimize performance.

[SALT LAKE CITY, 03/12/2018] - Certified Automotive matches sophisticated problems in modern cars with a sophisticated method. Salt Lake City’s best auto repair shop uses computer diagnostics to identify problem areas in cars that rely on engine control units (ECUs) to run certain parts of the car.


Computers Everywhere, Controlling Everything


The automotive industry is manufacturing vehicles that use computer boxes for every function. The virtual elimination of the mechanical design is giving way to electronic systems that feature sensors, which send feedback to the ECU. The ECU then adjusts the settings of the car to suit the current driving situation. The on-board diagnostics (OBD) stores all the bits of information, making it a treasure trove of critical data on the car and its usage.


From brakes to speed to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) data, Certified Automotive’s ASE-certified technicians use a scan tool to access data on the OBD that helps them find the most practical solutions to automotive problems.


Providing Repairs Beyond the Mechanical Issues


Certified Automotive can find the source of drivability problems in any car that use ECU. The data on the OBD will serve as pre-tests to ensure that each repair is accurate if it is even necessary. Locks or horns, airbags or brake systems, the general auto repair company’s technicians rely on accurate readings to fix the problem that needs fixing. They can also address recurring problems that do not seem to get fixed, such as a constantly flashing Check Engine Light or decreased mileage.


Furthermore, the shop can help more than car owners. Its technicians can help fleet managers to monitor their cars, provide data on driving habits to insurance companies, and help buyers of secondhand cars.


About Certified Automotive


Certified Automotive provides every kind of auto service, from general maintenance to repairs and replacements to state inspections. It is a NAPA Auto Care Center that helps vehicle owners in Salt Lake City, where cars are subject to extreme climate changes and difficult terrains.


Visit the https://www.certifiedauto.info website for more information.

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