Blockchain-Based Lottery System, MOS Lottery, Introduces New Way to Bet On Closing Stock Prices

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MOS Lottery, Introduces New Way to Bet On Closing Stock Prices


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MOS Lottery




Blockchain-Based Lottery System, MOS Lottery, Introduces New Way to Bet On Closing Stock Prices

Geneva, Switzerland, January 27, 2018: MOS Lottery, a blockchain-based lottery system created to address the problems inherited in the lottery market today, this week officially launched its comprehensive platform, providing a new kind of way to bet on closing stock prices.

Through the Ethereum blockchain based smart contract, all bets and results are made public in the system, recorded on the shared ledger without any third party involvement or interference. Uniquely, the lottery winning number is selected from the global stock market index, like NASDAQ or the Dow Jones.

“Although governments and states, for years, have been operating their own lottery systems, there has been fraudulent activity and transparency questions,” said Alexander Mittler, CEO of MOS Lottery. “Since we have witnessed, time and time again, a centralized system failing participants, we’ve introduced a decentralized approach based entirely upon an Ethereum smart contracts. Even more special, our numbers are selected from public platform, preventing manipulation.”

The Ethereum smart contract also ensures there are sufficient pools of fund to pay the winning amount before any bet is accepted, assuring players they receive their correct payouts should they win the lottery.

“At this point in time, there is no other system that is comparable to what we are doing here at MOS Lottery,” said Mittler. “Therefore, we are proud to launch an Initial Coin Offering to grow our jackpot fund and accelerate our official market debut. It’s our goal to raise 55 million USD. Help us get there.”

Over 5.5 billion MOS Tokens, the platform’s decentralized currency, will be available to investors. Once the ICO is funded, the platform will officially go live.

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About MOS Lottery

MOS Lottery is a decentralized, blockchain-based lottery system that picks winning numbers from the closing statistics at NASDAQ, the Dow Jones, and so forth. As opposed to the centralized lottery systems regulated by the government, MOS Lottery, built atop Ethereum smart contracts, essentially removes all elements of fraudulent activity and interference.

Before taking the concept to market, MOS Lottery will host an Initial Coin Offering, with 5.5 billion MOS Tokens available to interested investors.


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