6 Ton Jack Stands should be used to support your vehicle

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6 Ton Jack Stands should be used to support your vehicle.

Do you like to work on your own car? Do you like the wrench in your hand and the smell of oil on your clothes? Do you like to be crushed under 2 tons of steel, glass and plastic? Many of us who like to keep our vehicles in our own hands can not protect themselves from some potential dangers found in and around the car. In this article, we will discuss the importance of jack utilization. A jack is a good tool for raising and lowering the vehicle and is a good emergency roadside tool if you need to replace the tires. In addition to emergency tire replacement, the 3 Ton Jack Stands should be used to support your vehicle.

6 Ton Jack Stands will provide greater stability for your vehicle and will provide you with greater confidence in working below the vehicle. If you want to work comfortably and safely under your car, you must use the jack rack correctly. We recommend using the following steps to use jacks.

1. Place the vehicle on a level and rugged surface. 2. If you are forced to work on a soft surface (eg asphalt), we recommend that you place a sturdy plywood under the jack so that the load is evenly distributed. 3. Ensure that the vehicle is parked (for gears for manual transmissions) and that the emergency brake is set. 4. Place the bearing on the axle at the end of the car without lifting it. 5. Use a good floor jack to raise the vehicle to the landing point mentioned in the user's manual. Be sure to avoid placing yourself under the vehicle when lifting and lowering.

6. Place the socket at the appropriate support point (adjust to the appropriate height). In most cases, the car's frame will be strong enough. However, you should follow the recommendations in the user manual. Make sure that the saddle on the jack frame is shaped and positioned correctly to match the support point. 7. Slowly lower the vehicle until it rests on the jack frame. If possible, place the jack in a factory-approved hoisting position (insufficient contact with the vehicle) as an additional measure when the jack is faulty. 8. Be sure to "shake" the car to ensure that the jack is reliably supported by the vehicle before placing it under the vehicle. 9. After completing the work, simply reverse the above steps to safely reset your vehicle. 10. The socket should not be used to simultaneously support both ends of the vehicle or the side of the vehicle, and you should not exceed the rated load of the socket.

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